Natural Alternatives To Cat Sleeping Pills

prozac for dogsDespite cats being mostly nocturnal creatures it is essential for them to get a good night sleep. Sleep deprivations in cats is more common that you think and can cause your feline companion to respond negatively and aggressively in certain situations.

If you find yourself awake at night due to your cat’s meows, purrs and hissing then it’s entirely possible that your kitty can be suffering from a sleeping disorder.

Because cats tend to keep to themselves it’s sometimes difficult to tell if they are stressed or having anxiety.

Cats can have trouble sleeping do to the changes in their surrounding such as moving to a new home, boarding and especially travel during the holiday or on long trips.

One of the fastest and most common solutions is giving your pet over the counter safe sleeping aids or medication such as Pet Naturals Calming for Cats that may help them calm down specially if you are going on a trip or if your cat will be kenneled for a while.

Always check with your vet before giving your pet any medication that is not recommended for them and always follow direction on the labels so that your companion is safe. Your vet will be able to rule out medical related issues and may recommend something like Feliway to correct behavior and help with anxiety.

If you have an over active kitty or is you have noticed their sleeping pattern has changed here are some tips that might help.


Change their meal schedule:
Have you ever paid attention to your cat once he or she is finished eating? A full cat is a happy cat. By changing their meal to nighttime they will feel full and comfy, all ready for bed. There are also some automatic cat feeders that you can set a timer on so food dispenses during the night.

Tire them out:
Just like having toddlers, you cat may just need some play time. It’s a good idea to schedule a very active evening so that your cat’s energy is all used up and ready for bed.

Change out the bed:
Providing a cozier bed will allow your cat to relax and cuddle. It’s a good ide to place the bed in an area that provides privacy and once your cat discovers that new bed he/she won’t resist it.

Remember that just like humans sleeping is vital to your pets health and they should be getting plenty of it, whether your pet needs sleeping aids for light travel or stress or a new comfy bed is totally up to you.

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