Why Choose Adoption

Dog rehoming

Are you looking to add a pet for to you family?

Or maybe you already have one and are looking to add a companion for your current pet.

Have you considered adoption?

There are literally a thousand reasons why you should adopt over buying from a pet shop.


So before you head to your local pet shop take a few minutes to read this and then look into adopting the newest member of your family!

One of the major benefits of adopting from a shelter is that you will help save a pet’s life. In some states shelters typically keep a new cat or dog for about a week before they get euthanized.

You see, the ratio of homeless pets to homes is way too high and shelters simply can’t keep them all so you can make sure that the pet you choose is safe and in a loving home by choosing to adopt.

Cost is also a benefit when going the shelter route because shelters typically vaccinate, spade and neuter the animals they take in. There are some costs that come with adoption but they are not nearly as much as with a pet shop.

Shelters seem go have a bad rep because people think that all the pets there are given up by their owners due to behavior issues but that could not be farther from the truth.

There are circumstance that unfortunately land a great pet in a shelter; things like divorce, owners that can no longer care for them, relocations and unfortunately even abandonment so the idea that shelters only have bad animals is totally false.

This may seem hard to believe but because there are so many animals at shelters you will most likely have a better selection than any pet shop and you are more likely to find a companion that better fits you and your lifestyle.

There is also a good selection of puppies; yes you read right – puppies! Lets face it some people need and older dogs that is house broken and other want a puppy and lots of puppies get recued everyday and end up at shelters.

So if you are considering a pet please check you local shelters before you think of a pet store, the benefits are greater and you will be saving lives.

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